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Embark on a transformative journey with Yoga Den’s comprehensive teacher training programs this year. Whether you’re aspiring to become a certified yoga instructor or seeking to deepen your practice, we offer a range of specialized courses to suit your goals. 


Our lineup includes the classic 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in the enchanting setting of Morocco, where you’ll immerse yourself in the art and science of teaching yoga. Additionally, we’re excited to offer niche programs such as the 50-Hour Rocket Yoga Teacher Training, 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, and the immersive 50-Hour Ashtanga Immersion Programme. 


At Yoga Den, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch education with a leading international teaching team, ensuring that each training is conducted with expertise and integrity. All programs are conducted in English, offering a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for participants from diverse backgrounds. Join us and take the next step in your yoga journey with confidence and authenticity.



Yoga Teacher Training 200 Morocco

200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Sept 21-Dec 8, Morocco & Amsterdam

with Nino


This program includes posture breakdowns with a focus on alignment, safety and building your own practice. We will provide you with the tools to deliver an inspiring class, one that you can competently theme and sequence on your own. You’ll also learn about the history of yoga, dive into yoga philosophy, and study mediation, breath work and anatomy. Additionally, the leadership training and personal development provided will propel you into becoming a better partner, friend, family member… and human!

Rocket Yoga Teacher training 2024 Main

50H Rocket Yoga Teacher Training

May 17-26, Amsterdam

with David


The Rocket® is a vibrant, dynamic practice by Larry Schultz in the 80s, inspired by traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Unlike traditional Ashtanga, Rocket empowers students by removing posture hierarchy, fostering creative expression. Course highlights include daily practices, history of Rocket and Ashtanga, mantra usage, pranayama development, mat markings, integrating breath, bandhas, and drishti, floating and flying techniques, teaching methodology, creativity in sequencing, and hands-on adjustments for foundational and advanced asanas.
Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50h

50H Yin Yoga Teacher Training

June 14-23, Amsterdam

with Nick & Té


Immerse yourself in the art of stillness with our 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training led by Nick and Té, taking place June 14-16 & 21-23 (Friday Nights & Weekends). Yin yoga, increasingly sought-after, offers profound benefits for mind and body. This training equips practitioners of all levels with the tools to deepen their practice, understand the mind, and foster overall well-being. Gain insights into Yin Yoga, meridian lines, myofascial release, teaching methodology, and posture modification, cultivating confidence, strength, and inner peace.

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