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Yoga Den has drawn together a group of passionate and devoted teachers, all certified with at least 500 RYT hours. Our world-class teaching staff have learned from the best and taught students across 15 countries in 5 continents, bringing a wealth of experience covering a range of disciplines. Scroll down to learn about their journey.

Lize Lindenburgh


Recovering from a burnout in 2015 from her corporate job, practicing Yoga became her therapy; Lize learned so much from herself, her body and it’s limits.. it became her heartfelt passion.. Lize learned that daily life off and on the mat are so strongly related. When recovering from the burnout she decided to quit her job and become a Yoga teacher, as she wanted to be the person who was helping all these students to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Since then Lize finished a Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Pilates, Yin, Personal Trainer and Ashtanga training over the years. In her classes she likes to combine these in a creative way! Seeing students grow, sharing her passion and knowledge with them is what makes her love her job as a teacher.


Originally from France, Nino’s yoga journey began in 2004 when he was introduced to his guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, in New York City.
After three years of daily practice with Sri Dharma Mittra, Nino completed his teacher training, and began traveling internationally to study and teach yoga.
In 2012, he moved to China to learn martial arts and simultaneously took the Shanghai yoga scene by storm, inspiring students and teachers alike with his unique sequencing, synchronous soundtracks, and uplifting energy.
Nino is an expert at challenging students to break their plateau and reach their next level. He believes the only limit is in our minds and yoga practice is the only path to awaken the sleeping soul and reach our full potential – the true Self.


Nick is a KPJAYI & SYC level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teacher as well as a 500 E-RYT. He is a dedicated student of R. Sharath Jois and continues to make yearly pilgrimages to Mysore, India, to study with his teacher. With over 10 years of teaching experience, he has worked with thousands of bodies and takes a practical and functional approach to his teaching method. He believes that with dedication and hard work, the body is limitless; the only limitations are the ones casted within the mind.


After studying Physical Education and working as a teacher in Education for 10 years, yoga was the holistic approach Anna searched for. Always combing her knowledge of the physical body with coaching, nutrition and personal development, yoga is the connective tissue. It made her see the unseparated connection between mind, body and spirit. In her classes, the breath has a prominent role. Moving on the rhythm of the breath in the Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes. It’s the connection with yourself and the unity of your states of being. The connecting is what she would like to emphasize and give space for. With the breath, body, movement and mind. Using the postures as a metaphor, to gain insight, to energize and to empower. 


Growing up in a small village nearby Amsterdam, Sara began her fitness journey attending the National ballet school at age 11. This was the start of her never-ending love for moving her body. As she got older and moved to Amsterdam, Sara explored this love. And besides the importance of moving her body, she found the meaning of the mind, heart and breath-work within a work out. Sara is most at peace on her yoga mat surrounded by nature, but don’t get her wrong: you can definitely wake her up for a wild night out dancing. Sara is utterly happy when surrounded by family and her dog George. But her wildest dream is to make the world more beautiful each time she teaches.

TéQuan Johnson is a seasoned yoga practitioner and certified instructor, devoted to the transformative power of movement. With 7 years of dedicated practice and 2 years of teaching experience, TéQuan is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, proficient not only in yoga but also certified in Pilates. Specializing in a robust style of vinyasa, TéQuan infuses classes with a dynamic and invigorating energy, empowering students to embrace challenge and triumph through every session.


For over a decade and across four continents, Bruce has dedicated himself to inspiring yogis around the world. From Toronto to Singapore, Hong Kong to Dublin, and Bangkok to Cape Town, his personal practice is as varied as the places he has lived, and he has cultivated a teaching style that reflects his global perspective. Bruce’s thirst for knowledge has led him to acquiring thousands of hours of training from world-renowned teachers. His greatest teachers, however, are the students he’s had the privilege of guiding, which provides ongoing texture and dimension to his continually evolving practice.



Dylan’s curiosity has always been sparked by both ancient philosophy and living civilizations. He continues to study movements in Eastern philosophical thought and current events. In 2001, he moved to Asia and has resided there ever since, dabbling in languages and learning from various cultures. During one of the years in India, Dylan was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa and trained to teach. He has taught Mysore-style, led classes, workshops, retreats and trained teachers worldwide. For the last few years, he has kept a base in Hong Kong where he leads a bustling Mysore Program. Additionally, each year finds Dylan offering teachings throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Dylan continues to study yoga and related subjects as well as practicing under the eyes of Ashtanga’s more venerable teachers, including Shri K. Pattabhi, Saraswati and Sharath Jois. Many other teachers and other traditions have also influenced him, as have his dynamic and inquisitive students. He is forever indebted to all the teachers, students and fellow practitioners who have helped him along the way.


Miho has been a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga for 12 years and was authorized to teach by Sharath R. Jois in 2016. She assisted Devorah Sacks in San Francisco, and has also studied with Hamish Henry, Dominic Corigliano and Chad Herst. In 2018, Miho launched her own Ashtanga Mysore program in Berlin, Germany. The longing for the deeper truth of life has also led her to explore Vipassana meditation and Theravada Buddhism in the Thai Forest tradition.


Sarah grew up in a musical family in Michigan and began dancing/singing/performing at a young age. When she discovered Yoga in 2013, it felt like home to her. Along with the embodiment of yoga, she started to heal herself and rediscover her true power and purpose on this earth through its philosophies and teachings. Fast forward to today, Sarah has been teaching yoga since 2014 and has never looked back. Her passion for creative flows, inspirational themes and great playlists make her classes fun, yet powerful; challenging and soulful. She loves all types of yoga, certified in vinyasa flow, yin, hot yoga and aerial yoga. Taking her class is a moment in time you can truly be yourself and give yourself the love and attention we all need to stay present and peaceful in this busy world. Sarah is one of the most senior teachers at Yoga Room Brussels.

Xinia Profile


Xinia is a body nerd who has extensive experience in the fields of dance, yoga, pilates, and performance coaching. Xinia has had a steady Yoga practice since 2006 and is continuously studying the practice. She regularly visits India to study in Mysore with Ashtanga Guru Sharath Rangaswarmy, at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute, and in December 2017 received her blessing to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method – Authorisation level 2.

In 2014 Xinia also completed her Diploma in Yoga from the Wellpark Natural Therapies Collage in New Zealand. She graduated in December 2010 with a Bachelors degree in Dance from AUT University. Here is where she started to learn applied anatomy through movement. 


Yoga found Katie 20 years ago and she instantly became captivated and inspired by the idea of awareness through movement. A former gymnast, Katie credits yoga with some tremendous life transformations. Teaching since 2007, Katie has been fortunate enough to take her passion for yoga on the road, to teach, study and deepen her practice in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the United States and Canada. Katie is 500 RYT certified through YogaMazé.

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