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Yoga Den offerings have been curated to meet you where you are at. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, or someone whose toes have never touched a yoga mat, our highly-experienced teachers are excited to guide and support you on your journey.

This is made evident through the versatility of our offerings — from vinyasa to yin, from ashtanga to restorative, from mobility to slowburn, we are sure you’ll find a class that you love. But maybe, just like us, you’ll love all styles and have a diversified practice.

All classes at Yoga Den are heated (25-28C).


Ekam. Dve. Trini

(all levels)

Originating in south India, Mysore yoga is the traditional approach to the Ashtanga yoga method. Students are taught individually within a group setting and practice at their own pace. Your first class is between 20-40 minutes, and grows from there. Students may arrive anytime between 6.30-8.00 am. Mysore is a great class for beginners.

Yoga Den runs the only authorized Mysore program in Amsterdam.


Step. It. Up. 

(all levels)

This dynamic class incorporates a progressive series of postures designed to take your strength, flexibility, and balance to the next level. The continuous series of postures works to burn fat, while focusing on breath and awareness.


Ebb. And. Flow. 

(all levels)

Combining our Slow Burn and Flow classes harmoniously, Fusion works to heat the body up, then deliciously soften. The best of both worlds, students can experience the power of flow, with plenty of time to slow down with longer holds.

Detroit Flow

To. The. Maxxx. 


The popularized style that has become the standard in Detroit, now has a home in Amsterdam. This dynamic experience allows students the freedom to take their practice in their own hands. Expect to sweat, burn fat, have fun, and flow like never before.

Slow Burn

Hold. And. Burn. 

(all levels)

Slow burn works to balance your mind, while strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility

through longer holds. Great for new students, or experienced students ready to take their

practice to the next level.


Mix. It. Up.

(all levels)
Diversify your practice. Mobility takes the big picture approach to the body, playfully combining elements from yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, strength training, dance, physiotherapy (to name but a few). This class sees movement as more than just a means of skill acquisition, but as a tool through which students can gain greater self-awareness and understanding. All levels are encouraged to come with an open mind, let go, trust the process, have fun!


Slow. It. Down.

(all levels)
All the way down. 

Postures are held between 3-5 minutes to work into the deeper connective tissues of the body. This restorative practice is designed to ease our active body and minds.

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