Chaturanga Workshop with Lize

Chaturanga Workshop with Lize

Discover the strength within your practice with our immersive Chaturanga Workshop led by Lize. In this dynamic and focused session, you’ll unravel the secrets to mastering this foundational yoga pose while fine-tuning your alignment and enhancing your overall practice.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced practitioner seeking refinement, this workshop caters to all levels. Lize’s expert guidance will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Chaturanga, empowering you to navigate this often-challenging pose with grace and ease. Through detailed instruction and hands-on adjustments, you’ll learn to strengthen your upper body, protect your joints, and cultivate the stability required for a fluid Chaturanga transition.


Join us for this illuminating workshop and unlock the key to an empowered and confident practice!



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About Lize


Emerging from a 2015 corporate burnout, yoga wasn’t just Lize’s therapy—it ignited her passion. She unearthed profound connections between life’s challenges, both on and off the mat. This revelation compelled Lize to transition from the corporate world to the yoga mat, eager to guide students towards their aspirations.


Over the years, Lize has immersed herself in diverse training, from Hot Yoga to Ashtanga, Vinyasa to Pilates, and Yin to Personal Training. She infuses her classes with a blend of these disciplines, crafting a unique and spicy experience.


For Lize, the joy of teaching lies in witnessing her students’ growth and sharing the fiery passion and wisdom she’s garnered on her journey.

Art of Adjustings Workshop
with Xinia


Sunday September 10, 3-5.30 PM


Spend an afternoon delving into the deepness of the poses. Adjustment is a powerful tool to figure out what is happening in the body during different postures and to also realise what is possible and comfortable in your body.



Xinia’s collective experience of dance, movement, massage, and asana brings an extensive and unique perspective to the yoga practice.


Everyone at any stage in their yoga practice is welcome to attend this workshop!


Come and explore these embodied practices that reconnect us with ourselves.



Founding Member: €37

Member price: €40 

Regular price: €45

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